Kiasmin Burrell

Kiasmin is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Newcastle, NSW. Having grown up on a rural property in the Hunter Valley, landscape and nature play a significant role in her work. Earth tones, organic shapes, and deep layering all connect back to her early childhood and continued connection to the bush. It is the feeling of clay on the skin, the crisp country air at night, and the smell of smoke from an open fireplace that continues to inspire her. Kiasmin completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the university of Newcastle 2017.

This series of 8 works is about discovering what is there in the painting through the act of painting itself. What magic is to be found, and where an artwork travels to from the creation stage through to completion. 

They are about the push and pull of exploring new ground. And the continued search for the joy that comes from being lost in the creative process. 

‘Growing up at the base of the Watagan mountains, a place that still resonates deep within me, nature always finds its way into my work. The soul impressions and memories of this place reveal themselves in the mark making and layering of landscape. My mind takes me back to the experience of earth. 

Life changes around us, it does not stand still, but we can still hold onto that something that grounds us.’

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