Kate Florence ‘Everlasting’

  • Artist
    Kate Florence
  • Dates
    30 Aug—30 Sep 2023

Kate is a UK-trained artist with a BA in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art. She spent a year in Milan studying traditional painting and contemporary video art before graduating in 2015.
She moved to Melbourne From the UK in 2018 with dream of being an artist. Kate has stayed consistently dedicated to her art practice, for her creating is a method of communication that completely consumes her, an act of self exploration. She has since exhibited in several shows, curated her first show and had a debut solo sell-out show in Sydney in 2021, and continued to exhibit in solo shows over the past two years. Kate works full-time as an artist in her studio on Gubbi Gubbi land, (Noosa). Being immersed in nature is essential for balanced living and nurturing her creativity.

Throughout this body of work, “Everlasting” Kate challenges herself to work with a softer pallet, exploring the delicate balance between bold, & striking yet soft and gentle. For Kate, this collection feels like a creative coming of age, a sense of graceful maturity arrives within the works, they carry an air of elegance, and power within their simplicity, yet still hold a touch of Kates rustic, raw approach to painting.

As a process driven artist Kates main focus and source of motivation is getting lost in the process. She likes to work without a finished concept in mind, so that she connects freely with her intuitive creative flow, allowing her energy to be transferred freely into her work. This allows Kate to follow any direction a painting chooses to take her in, as she works across a variety of styles.

Kate sees her practice as a continual space for growth, embracing both failure and the unpredictable nature of being an artist, harnessing self belief, she very much feels like she is just at the beginning of her creative journey.

“For me, creating art is an emotional conduit, an outlet to express what words cannot capture. When I paint, I am fully present, allowing myself to be absorbed by the brush strokes and canvas, following the path it takes me on. Embracing spontaneity, I deliberately avoid over-planning my work, allowing my ideas to flow freely and unrestricted.” – Kate Florence

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