Zoe Grey and Kiasmin Burrell, ‘A Response to Landscape in Two Parts’ (15th – 25th June)

‘A Response to Landscape in Two Parts’ pairs Newcastle/Mulubinba-based Kiasmin Burrell and Zoe Grey, working out of Hobart/Nipaluna. These two emerging artists have never before shown together, and they paint over a thousand kilometres apart. Yet they do so in complimentary styles, and with one eye to the ‘all over’ density of the natural world. 



“I make paintings about my home, Marrawah, a remote coastal town on the western edge of lutruwita/Tasmania. The landscape is raw and rugged, the weather uniquely wild. I grew up there, in a house on the oceans shore with my family. I have always felt a strong connection to my home, to the memories it holds, to the way it has shaped me. 

I now spend most of my time in nipaluna/Hobart, so these paintings respond to place through distance – memory and familiarity offering a painterly guide”

-Zoe Grey

“These paintings speak of my youth, the earth beneath my feet and the rolling mountains of the property i grew up on. There is a depth and layering to these paintings that i hope to invite you in-to. The ground is moving, the clay squishes between your toes and the night is settling in. I can almost smell the crisp air, and a light whift of smoke drifting from the open fireplace as i make my way through the property heading home”

-Kiasmin Burrell

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