TRIO: Amy Clarke, Stephen Skinner & Tiarna Herczeg

Abstract art seems to draw forward the skeptic who deliberates that they also could attempt such forms. It may however be premature to negate the trained eye that adds, subtracts, layers and considers to produce an effortless balance of palette and stoke before the inexperienced hand has taken up a brush. TRIO brings together three talented artists who work instinctively rather than deliberately. Their process is direct, immediate and personal. Their energy translates through the works giving us an emotive jolt and for better or worse a response to what is laid before us.

For Amy Clarke, making was intrinsic to her early years. Never far from nature, Amy learned how to play with the colours and forms that surrounded her eventually leading her to canvas to create these spontaneous bursts of colour. In ‘Glasshouse Reflections’ Amy harnesses a cooler palette and working tonally, thinly applies the paint into beautiful transparent overlays.

Taking inspiration from the shapes and sounds of nature and the built environment, Stephen Skinner creates his expressive works using deliberate mark making and neutral palette. A born and bred Northern Beaches man, Stephen spread his wings to the London art scene in 2012 where he exhibited with The London Underground and Brick Lane Gallery. He was also notably featured in British Vogue Jan/Feb/March 2019 issues.

As a kuku-yalanji artist living on Gadigal lands, Tiarna Herczeg explores her spiritual and cultural identity through her vibrant and gestural landscapes. Her six abstracts comprise ‘Madja’. “My mob come from the Daintree Rainforest”, she writes “which is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Last year my people were handed our land back.”. This body of work is a solemn celebration of the land returning that should never have been lost – “Yarbarrka was, Yarbarrka will be. / Always was. Always will be.”.

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