Sarah Hassett and Penelope Duke ‘In the Shadows’ (17-27 November)

“In contemporary art education, simple still life arrangements have long been used as a relatively neutral basis for formal technical
experiment, and for some it remains a learning device, while for others it has become their primary metier. Those who devote their
careers to refining i t do so for a multitude of reasons; i t might be a desire to distil the simple beauty from the everyday, or to convey a
human narrative by the marked absence of a figure. Or it might be to perpetuate their belief in the contemporary validity of the genre,
and their love for the subject.” Amber Creswell Bell , Still Life, Thames & Hudson, 2021.

This collaboration between painter Sarah Hassett and ceramicist Penelope Duke is a celebration of the process of still life and the
beautiful objects that inspire it . In each of Sarah’s works, she features her personal collection of Penelope Duke ceramics, the angular
forms in striking black offering countless possibilities with shadow and light . These vessels were designed to contribute to the beauty
of the installation whether it be an abundance of foliage or a minimalistic ikebana display without distracting the viewer but rather
becoming a complimentary element. Sarah beautifully illustrates this ability in all seven of her works.

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