Meg Walters ‘Reimagined Landscape’

  • Artist
    Meg Walters
  • Dates
    1—11 Mar 2023

Meg Walters is an emerging artist based in Newcastle, NSW. Born and raised in Bermuda, Walters divided her time between her island home and Canada throughout her childhood. A brief residence in London while she studied at the Chelsea College of Fine Art was followed by a permanent move to Australia to complete her Bachelor of Art at Newcastle University. She continued her education at the Byron School of Art recently, before making the move back to Newcastle (Awakabal) where she now lives and works.

Walters has achieved sold-out exhibitions in Bermuda, Sydney and Melbourne. She has exhibited in solo and group shows across Australia as well as internationally. She has been a finalist in the 9×5 Landscape Prize, The Corner Store Landscape Prize and the Hunter Emerging Art Prize.

This is her third solo show with Michael Reid Northern Beaches.
“I am interested in landscape through the lens of memory, evoking intuitive, otherworldly paintings. My most recent body of work, ‘Reimagined Landscape’, aims to explore a psychological narrative of memory, identity and the subconscious. My intention is to distort the conventional landscape,  foregoing representation and replacing it with imagination. Leaning into the recesses of my mind, I hope to provide an autobiographical viewpoint on landscape that comes from an innate connection to nature and my sense of self. These whimsical works are a vivid example of how the mind distorts memory. The paintings hang on the brink of reason; they cling to the edges of the mind like a forgotten dream. Working in this way allows me to reveal my inner narrative with lively scatterings of paint and wistful mark-making. In this exhibition, I have departed from representation to embody a much more playful expression of my inner world. Sometimes dark, occasionally outlandish and wildly unreasonable, these works are the epitome of my childlike imagination taking hold” – Meg Walters
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