Lauren Jones ‘Keepsake’ (25th July – 3rd August)

Lauren Jones is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast. Working primarily in oils, her feminine portraits and still life scenes speak of moments captured in time. Lauren’s works, executed with bold and immediate brushstrokes, are evocative and impressionistic. Her art exquisitely showcases the materiality of paint and celebrates the process of painting.

Born in 1989 in Queensland, Jones earned a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Literature) from the Sunshine Coast University in 2009, and in 2012 a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from Monash University.

Currently Jones works from her home studio in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland.

“KEEPSAKE: Something kept, or to be kept, for the sake of, or in memory of.

This series of paintings was inspired by a collection of personal domestic objects, grown or collected over time.

In my practice I predominantly paint Still Life images, as I’m drawn to objects, both ceramic and everyday items. I like capturing a household item and giving it a moment to shine. It’s an act of appreciating the vessels and objects that surround us every day. Objects themselves lean towards ideas of history, memory and identity. And can be a sort of self-portrait of the owner.

This series is particularly personal, featuring items I use often and that have been collected over time. I’m sentimental about the moment in time these objects came to be mine and how we use them in our home.

The imagery is photographed in natural light then painted in a single sitting using the Alla Prima technique. I like the immediacy of Alla Prima oil painting, there’s something so raw and honest about it, that gives movement and life to the piece. I love the whole process of painting and enjoy seeing the paint strokes and workings behind the artwork. ‘there is no softening … no slurring. Each touch is put on knowingly, clean and separate, with a definite and foreseen function.’ Walter Sickert”

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