Joanna Gambotto (7-17 April)

Joanna Gambotto is a Sydney-based artist whose abstraction of everyday familiarities evokes memories of the home with playfulness and vibrancy. Encapsulating the fine line between reality and fantasy, Gambotto’s series of vividly layered painted works contain various fragmented elements of places visited.

Gambotto contorts our perception through inversion, layering, unfolding and fragmenting the objects we have come to know. This fresh twist on still life allows a liveliness in the memories of the home, personalising ornaments of life. Memories of Gambotto’s process are embedded in the canvas, with the techniques of painting, scraping and carving resulting in rich textures. “The laborious process of adding paint, scraping and carving results in a sensuous surface, rich in texture, pattern and layers and becomes a metaphor of how a place can be filled with emotions, memories and history.”

Joanna studied at the National Art School and has been the winner of various art prizes including the Northbridge Art Prize and the Hornsby Art Prize.


  • Hill End 3 (Luke's)

    Joanna Gambotto
    Hill End 3 (Luke’s), 2021

    30.0 × 40.0 cm
  • Pale Blue Dot

    Joanna Gambotto
    Pale Blue Dot, 2021

    85.0 × 105.0 cm
  • Studio Wise

    Joanna Gambotto
    Studio Wise, 2021

    65.0 × 75.0 cm
  • Hill End 9 (Luke's)

    Joanna Gambotto
    Hill End 9 (Luke’s), 2021

    30.0 × 40.0 cm
  • Figs Still Green

    Joanna Gambotto
    Figs Still Green, 2020

    45.0 × 85.0 cm

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