Jade Sibinovski ‘Elaborate Illusion’

  • Artist
  • Dates
    20—30 Apr 2022

Jade Sibinovski is a Sydney artist who graduated with honours in painting from the National Art School in 2017. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions across Sydney.

For Jade, form and colour are inseparable modes of expression in her work. A background in advertising and graphic design, and now a dedicated painting practice, underpins her ongoing interest in expanding conceptions of reality beyond the visible by opening up the realm of imagination.

Using a process that references the chance and deliberation of collage, the works comes to life in a rather serendipitous way. The spark created from inadvertent arrangements arising from the assembling, dissecting and overlapping of cut paper shapes and images from disparate sources, acts as a portal into the unconscious.

Mining these terrains, she renders abstracted imagined worlds by manipulating and playfully contorting the materials while seeking to discover the unfamiliar and uncanny. Abstract forms collide in spaces where past, present, and future converge and morph into imagery imbued with a suggestive power, triggering imaginative speculation regarding their origins. The resulting compositions are then formally articulated before being translated to canvas.

Colour is a vital component at all stages of the process, particularly at the final stage of painting and mixing of oil paints, its vibrancy made more potent by bold shapes that act as the vehicle for expression, bringing a delicate calibration of colour to the fore. Through this the artist uncovers and develops her own personal symbology.

Jade’s intention with this body of work is to imply an atmosphere or a memory that invites the viewer into the space for a contemplative experience, activating their own imaginative associations when engaging with the work.

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