Jade Sibinovski ‘Fragments’ (3-12 June)

Jade Sibinovski is a Sydney artist who graduated with honours in painting from the National Art School in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions across Sydney.

For Jade, form and colour are inseparable modes of expression in her works. A background in advertising and graphic design, and now a dedicated painting practice, underpins her passion for playful imagery that communicates in unexpected ways.

In her paintings Sibinovski compiles dense layers of pigment to provoke unusual relationships between pure material colour and abstract forms. Using a process that references the chance and deliberation of collage, she renders abstracted imagined worlds out of flat planes of colour.

“As Francis Bacon said, “I always think of myself not so much as a painter but as a medium for accident and change”. My paintings would not be possible without my process of collage where I make visible the unseen. It’s a process of discovery rather than invention.

My hands are the obedient instruments of a remote will. In its execution I’m endlessly hunting, gathering and collecting fragments of imagery from disparate sources which are then assembled almost in a meditative state. Everything is filtered in the unconscious.

I bar from my mind all remembrance of what I have seen, always on the lookout for the unfamiliar and unexpected, to reveal that which already pre-exists. Forms and figures coalesce in spaces where past, present, and future converge to manifest images from another realm.

Through the act of painting my interest in the expressive potential of colour and form are further explored from the resulting compositions”.

Art Prizes

2020 – Finalist in Waverley Art Prize
2018 – Finalist in Mosman Art Prize
2018 – Finalist in Waverley Art Prize

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