Eva Beltran ‘Into the Beat’ (15-25 September)

Eva Beltran is a Sydney based artist with an expressionist approach to subjects, aiming to depict an emotional experience more than a physical reality. Her work connects with the mood and rhythm of the landscape through abstract figurations where intricate perspective is conveyed by linework variations and layers of paint.

Eva’s works have been selected as finalists in several art prizes, including prestigious art awards such as the Glover Art Prize (Evandale, TAS); the Paddington Art Prize (Sydney, NSW); the Mosman Art Prize (Sydney, NSW); the Kilgour Art Award (Newcastle, NSW), the Lethbridge Landscape Art Prize (Brisbane, QLD), the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award (Sydney, NSW) or the Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize (McLauren Vale, SA).

Eva attended art school whilst growing up in Spain and trained in classical drawing and painting with a well-known Spanish figurative artist. After finishing University, she spent 15 years working in journalism and corporate communications. Painting took front stage in her life in 2014.

“Nature has a voice, a rhythm, and a beating tempo that we can tap into at an emotional level. The natural flow of the seasons in the landscape resembles every musical tempo, from a winter adagio to a summer allegro.

Like the musician waiting for the orchestra conductor to open a concert, I walk in nature mindfully, blending in, and let the music begin.

“Into the Beat” is a collection of paintings exploring the rhythm of my surrounding landscape, the natural parks where I walk daily. Most of the works reference lush landscapes where everything is interconnected. A ‘hum” of tree trunks, branches, overgrown leaves, water, rocks, moss and even fungus talking to each other, singing to us, dancing to the rhythm of a particular scene. This is I guess my type of landscape, my beat, a celebration of life.”

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