Dylan Jones ‘Tossed Aside’ (5-15 August)

Dylan Jones’ artworks vary in subject matter from show to show, but regardless of what he chooses to depict there always remains an interest in colour, composition and the simplification of form. The images and objects Dylan creates have a relationship to the history of art but more so to everyday life. Working ‘en plein air’ and with models in the studio, Dylan’s practice is inspired by a variety of people and places, all rendered with gestural and energetic marks.

“The humble shoe has been used as a vehicle of expression in my ongoing obsession with mark making and a simplified aesthetic. Painted and sculpted from life, these works reimagine footwear outside of a traditional perception. The shoes appear to have been tossed aside into a barren landscape. Some have banded together, whereas others have found comfort in isolation. They remind us of our own tribulations and triumphs as we navigate through our morphing existence, desired, loved, rejected and yet forever unique”.

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