Charlotte Alldis ‘Sense of Self’ (1st – 11th June)

Charlotte would like to acknowledge the land on which she lives, works and creates from, land that belongs to the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. She recognises their continuing connection to land, water, art, language and community. Charlotte acknowledges that sovereignty has never been ceded. 

Charlotte Alldis is a contemporary Australian artist who lives on Wurundjeri Country, Cottles Bridge, Victoria, and is currently at the Dunmoochin Art Foundation residency.

Growing up on Wathaurong Country (Geelong) and then moving to Naarm (Melbourne) as a teenager, Charlotte depicts playful, buoyant, technicolour scenes with a strong storytelling narrative. Throughout her life Charlotte leveraged art as a place to retreat to, a place to create a sense of home and a means of activating play wherever she landed. Often described as an outsider artist, Charlotte’s naive style is intertwined with qualities of her lived experiences and her imagination. Here we arrive at a fantasy world that is distinguishable in her work. 

Charlotte’s work is held in various private collections both within Australia and internationally and has been commissioned for workshops, festivals, private collections, murals and commercial projects. Self-taught, Charlotte has held five solo shows and several  group shows across Australia in the past four years, including her first curated show in 2022, titled Between Painters. She has collaborated on two seasons for Kuwaii, and recently ran a workshop for the National Gallery of Victoria Kids Program. 

Charlotte has completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology and is currently completing her Masters degree at La Trobe in Art Therapy. 

‘Sense of Self’ explores my lived experiences and the intertwining of my dreams. Seeking to reframe my narrative by exploring how memories and fantasy can transform my sense of self when faced with ongoing illness. Guided by the knowledge that creating during challenging times has reestablished a sense of sense, I trustingly dived in.

 Creating helped me to connect with my external world when I felt  isolated from my internal world. I accessed the character inspiration for these works in my diary entries, my dreams and books full of sketches. Sourcing colour palettes from the peeled back paint layers and eclectic wood panels at my home in Dunmoochin, the illuminating green palette of the abundant moss, the fluorescent wildflowers and vibrant flare of wattles in my backyard. I felt solace in the sounds of scribbling with pencils, in the warm winter sunshine pouring through windows as I lay in bed, sketching the day away. Listening to music and the sounds of the birds’ songs in my backyard as a source of imagination for words and gestures. These works are my documentation to reach for a place of hope, a way to find my spark again. In turning inwards, I found that the world around me became so electric.

‘Sense of Self’ is a bridging of my mind and the tangible world, art as a medium with a magical quality, a place where I can explore the psyche, identity, and relationships within the realm of fantasy. A place where joy and play can roam in abundance. These works are a mixture of nostalgia and therapy, my refuge to explore my innermost workings, a reparative practice where the duality of playfulness and grief coexist. What you witness is a bursting of feelings, a place full of chaos, hope, joy and grief, a window into the journey. 

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