Ben Waters ‘Quiet Moments’ (18th – 28th May)

Ben spent 2017 and 2018 living on Lord Howe Island where he reinvigorated his love of painting and developed a deep interest in depicting the natural landscape as a source of inspiration, wonder and rejuvenation.

His paintings aim to show both the natural beauty of the landscape but also, to evoke our own emotional and personal response to it. His imagery is derived from observation, combining multiple views, memory and imagination. Since returning to Avalon his work has focused on Barrenjoey Headland and its Pittwater surrounds.

“This current selection of paintings builds on the themes of Nature and Solitude.
It is when we place ourselves outside of our human centred environment and into the natural world that we open ourselves to different perspectives. If we are alone in these settings, we have the chance to experience moments of profound calm or quiet. These moments can be a balance to our busy modern lives.

When I don’t have the time or opportunity to visit these natural places, I find I draw on my memories of previous visits. When I paint these memories, I feel like I am in those places. Through my practice of painting, I can experience periods of quiet calm in my studio, where I feel alive to the power and influence of Nature.”

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