Andrea Wilson & Sue Tesoriero ‘Reflections’ (3-13 November)

Exhibition titles like ‘Reflections’ are often thrown around post-facto; empty nouns to group big tents of artists and glue motley styles together. But ‘reflections’ is exactly the word Sue Tesoriero and Andrea Wilson chose (entirely unbeknownst to the other) to lead their paintings.

Looking at these twenty one still lives – the plainly worked tableware and thickly patterned teapots and plates (diamonds of 20th century kitsch and elegance) – it’s unsurprising that both artists draw from the same glossary.

Tesoriero and Wilson look backwards in time and paint simple pleasures – gathering at the table for morning tea or preparing a dish to share. Unlike their European forebears, this isn’t the occasion for maudlin pictures of decay or vanitas. Such things will only ruin ones appetite …

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