Susan Shortridge

Susan has been a past recipient of the NSW Firstdraft studio residency in support of emerging artists, and in 2017 she was shortlisted for the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (EMSLA).
In 2021 she was a finalist and recipient of the Highly Commended Award in the Wall Works Category, Little Things Art Prize, Saint Cloche Gallery (Paddington).

“My paintings are a “visual diary” of my observations. I don’t set up scenes to paint, rather I record images, objects, and settings that present themselves spontaneously. As such, familiar themes and favoured household objects appear frequently in my body of work.This intimate lens of creativity has allowed me to view the everyday with a renewed sense of joy, so that the act of painting has, over time, become an extended love letter to life.

I tend to work quickly and intuitively to try and capture my emotional connection with the subject matter. Although my paintings tend to be quiet and contemplative, the expressiveness of oil paint lends the subject matter a certain energy and vitality.”

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