Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner

Sydney-based artist, Stephen Skinner creates an alluring balance of colour and texture in abstract form. His unique rhythmic style is influenced by nature, movement, shapes and sounds. Using various mediums he explores composition through an energetic process of destruction and excavation.

Living in London, Stephen found easy inspiration in the energetic art scene. Earlier influences came from artists such as Miro, Monet, Dali and Richter. His spontaneous style, approach and precise use of colour produces diverse and dynamic canvasses.

Stephen has been featured in The London Underground, exhibited his work in London at Brick Lane Gallery UK May 2012, Blank Space Gallery in Surry Hills November 2014, Bow and Arrow in Manly 2016, Gallery 109 Manly 2021 and has recently collaborated with Designer Boys with their 2022 collection. He has also been featured in British Vogue January, February and March 2019 editions.

“My work explores the relationship I have with colours. Manipulating colour to suit the composition. I usually never have a fixed idea when I start a piece, preferring to just enjoy the flexibility of the creative process. As an artist I’m interested in creating works that can transform the mood of a room. Something that brings life to a space”

Abstract Trio: March 2022

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