Stef Tarasov

Stef Tarasov is an Australian artist who works with a direct and unhesitant brushstroke to explore the everyday, and what may lurk beneath.

Fascinated with memory and the narratives that shape us, Stef layers and sculpts the paint to suggest a hybrid space of both the familiar and the inscrutable. In response to Marcus Clarke’s writings on the ‘weird melancholy’ of the Australian landscape, and of our collective myths; notions of strange beauty and a sense of disquiet seem to creep uninvited into the works.

Recent finalist in the 2019 Muswellbrook Prize, the 2019 Mosman Art Prize, and winner of the 2019 Clyde & Co Award, Stef is currently working on a series of paintings that find the beauty, the story and the slight strangeness in the ordinary and the everyday.

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