Sarah Hassett

Sarah Hassett graduated with a BA from Winchester School Art in the UK in 2002, specializing in Sculpture and installation art. Sarah relocated back to Australia in 2005 and developed her oil painting practice working in both portraiture and still life. While focussed on portraiture work at this time, Sarah completed a number of private portrait commissions.

During 2016 Sarah’s work moved away from portraiture and toward still life work, and since 2017 Sarah has exhibited in a number of group shows, and sold works via various commercial galleries.

“I have always been fascinated by oil paint, not only by its colour but also its rich history, the pigments used, how it is made, the people who make it a why. This passion for colour then expanded into a passion for form. My work investigates how objects connect to one another depending on how and where the light and shadows fall. Nothing is more interesting to me than to see how one objects shadow falls across another object, connecting the two. I keep a simple colour pallet in order to focus on the light and shadow. The process itself is slow and meditative creating a stillness in the work that is calm and thoughtful”.

  • Sarah Hassett
    Banksia with Duke Vase, 2021

    78 × 78 cm

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