Samir Hamaiel

Samir Hamaiel is a Visual Artist based in Brisbane, Australia, working predominantly with paint, drawing and digital techniques. His architectural background, studying and practicing in the UK, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia, has significantly influenced his visual approach with strong highly structured perspectives. He has a particular interest in the in-between; less celebrated urban and suburban spaces which have evolved over me and demonstrate their history with markings and texture. His background is also expressed through his work. British born with an Egyptian Father and English mother, he has a complex and confused cultural identity, especially now he is relocated to Australia with an Australian family. The in-between spaces in his work are a representation of this in-between status. His recent works also incorporate the co-existence of man-made and natural structures and how these interact with one another, a reflection of competing identities. Over the course of 2020 he was increasingly drawn to nature and this is evident in the more recent compositions of his work, which illustrate greater natural content, a suggestion of self-healing and repair after these turbulent times.

Samir was named as one of 9 shortlisted finalists in the 2019 Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize, based in Sydney. In 2018 he was highly commended in the Milburn Art Award in Brisbane, received a Certificate of Merit in the Moreton Bay Art Awards and had a work acquired by Toowoomba Regional Gallery as part of the Toowoomba Emerging Artist Award. In 2016, Samir was announced the overall winner of the Brisbane 2015 Art-force Awards for his painted Traffic Signal Box entry, Growth. He has also been a finalist in many other Australian awards including the Calleen Art Award (2016, 2018, 2020), Fleurieu Biennale (2018), Contemporary Art Awards (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and Lyn Mccrea Memorial Drawing Prize (2019).

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