Sally Browne

Sally Browne is a painter of still life and the natural environment working predominantly in watercolour and oils. She grew up in the UK and travelled through SE Asia before eventually settling in Sydney.

Her work is an exploration of the order and wildness, the human-made and natural that are woven together in Sydney’s Inner West. Her paintings evoke an ephemeral and emotional world as seen through the eyes of a migrant now at home in the unique Australian light. Sally’s practice is centred around drawing and has evolved from her formal studies of surface pattern design, painting, printmaking and graphic design.

“When our lockdown began back in March 2020, I was desperate to be outside in the Autumn sun as much as possible. I began setting up and painting still life scenes in my bright courtyard featuring simple objects from my home, with sprigs of native greenery plucked from the street trees in my inner city neighbourhood.

The natural light here is very different to grey and dreary England where I grew up. It’s easier to feel positive when the sun is shining, even if you’re imprisoned in your own home. I felt and continue to feel so grateful to be living in Australia during this time, and the glorious free Aussie sunshine continues to be a dominant feature of my still life works.”

GROUP SHOW: Summer Salon 2021

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