Naomi Zouwer

Naomi is a visual artist, researcher and creative education specialist.

Naomi has expertise with creative processes and design to improve engagement, collaboration, and learning.

Naomi enjoys working on projects with research and cultural institutions, and a wide range of educational organisations (from pre-school to tertiary). Projects can be designed for (and with) children, teachers, researchers and communities.

Naomi’s approach is grounded in practice based research, which includes a PhD at the Australian National University, as well as over 20 years in the arts education and museum sectors. Naomi also holds a Graduate Diploma in Education and BA (Visual Arts).

“As a painter, I am interested in the way inanimate objects call to us, appealing to our senses and inviting us to appreciate their materiality and particular charms – pattern, colour, texture or story. Unwrap is a series of paintings that play with compositions of ribbons and paper. The ribbons take on an unexpected anthropomorphic quality, revealing human traits as they unfold, unfurl, unravel, and relax”.

  • Naomi Zouwer
    Unfurling, 2021

    32.5 × 32.5 cm
  • Naomi Zouwer
    Unwinding, 2021

    32 × 22 cm

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