Louise Knowles

Based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Louise Knowles is a painter that loves colour and texture. She mainly works in oils; however, collage and photography are also part of her process. Lou started using oils in the late 90’s and it’s been a major part of her practise ever since.

Titled ‘Sand and Stone’, this body of work reflects the artist’s masterful approach to colour and strong connection to her local environment, channelling the warm, rosy tones and windswept textures of the area’s sandstone cliffs, pools and outcrops.

“This latest series of paintings celebrate the sandstone that surrounds me. It’s where I live, where I swim and it was the foundation on which I grew. As an artist, I’ve found that sandstone is an incredible conduit for light and colour, which have always been a big part of my practice.”

WINNER Little Things Art Prize
Saint Cloche, Paddington 2021

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