Louise Anders

Louise is a skilled representational artist with a deep understanding of the classical method of painting and drawing. In 2015, she made the decision to wholeheartedly pursue her passion for art and left her successful 10-year career as a scientist. She sought out numerous workshops throughout Australia, but it was her full-time artistic training at the esteemed Grand Central Atelier in New York under the direction of Jacob Collins in 2016 and 2017 that truly allowed her talent to flourish.

After more than a decade away, Louise and her family have recently returned to her hometown of Adelaide, Australia. In the picturesque Adelaide hills, she has established her own studio surrounded by the natural beauty of eucalyptus trees, rose gardens, native flowers, and fruit trees.

Throughout her career, Louise has demonstrated her exceptional talent and dedication to the arts, showcasing her works in several prestigious Australian awards, including being selected as a finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize, Hans Heysen Landscape Prize, AME Bale Award, and Calleen Art Award, to name a few.

Currently, Louise finds inspiration in painting fruit, flowers, and leaves sourced directly from her garden and the surrounding land. She is captivated by the perpetual cycle of nature, observing as buds blossom, flowers transform into fruit, and leaves gently fall. Louise’s artwork is produced entirely from life, allowing her to intimately observe, comprehend, and interpret the complexities of light and nature.

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