Leonie Khoury

Leonie is a painter of abstract works and still life in the tradition of tonal realism. It wasn’t always quite so concrete however, having graduated from the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney in Flute and following a seasoned career as a professional musician.

Tutelage in two Parisian ateliers and several courses in life drawing, oil painting and watercolours emboldened Leonie to chase this second gift. It’s led to multiple solo exhibitions at the Mary Place Gallery in Paddington and at the Sheffer Gallery in Darlington, Sydney, and a string of group-show appearances.

“I started out painting simple, abstract style still life and imaginary landscapes, and then devoted myself entirely to abstract painting for the next 10 years. I befriended a group of artists living and painting in Bundeena NSW situated on the coastline of the Royal National Park in Southern Sydney.

I then found a wonderful teacher, Don James, who taught me the principles of ‘tonal realism’ as taught by Max Meldrum in Melbourne many years ago (1875 – 1955). I have adopted Melbourne as my new home and find it so wonderful to be connected to the history of painting in this city as this technique has been handed down through generations of many painters that I admire very much, including Don James himself.”


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