Laura Thomas

“I am a contemporary British artist now based in Melbourne focused on the exploration of still life compositions and painting everyday objects or spaces that resemble a familiar environment. I showcase these spaces through vibrancy of colour, composition and detail of negative space which is often overlooked in everyday life. An ongoing and sometimes subtle narrative in these works playfully confronts my position as a consumerist and my relationship with ‘things’ that often provide a thrill of momentary aesthetic pleasure.

Studying Fine Art and years of practice has been important for my development to understand how to push my abstract paintings in ways to create ambiguity and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of a conventional still life painting. I often seek inspiration from artists such as Mattisse, Kandinsky and Cezanne and predominantly paint on canvas using, acrylic, oil, oil stick and collage. My method adopts techniques that allow me to create naive marks and I incorporate shape and pattern to form a composition. I am happy with my work when the painting can be interpreted differently by various viewers, this sense of ambiguity combined with a familiarity of environment is desirable for me in my work and even better if the viewer enjoys the experience too”.

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