Katie Eraser

For Narrm-based contemporary artist Katie Eraser, emotion is at the core of how art conveys our experience of being in the world. Her work is strewn with embodied expressions of lust, loss, and longing, which speaks to her lived experience, and queer ideology. An ongoing interest across her practice is examining her perception that art connects us to ourselves, and others, because it puts within reach emotional revelations that would otherwise be overlooked. Her works pulsate with intuitive mark making and sketching with the absence of sight, propelled by instinct to distill
a deep tension within.

Eraser holds a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice from Miecat Institute and a Bachelor of Design from Billy Blue College of Design. Since 2017 she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Australia. Eraser was awarded the Fortyfive Downstairs Emerging Artist Award in 2018.

“The body of work for this show stands as a social expression that explores what it is to be human. What it is to be with each other in life’s disappointment and the moments of joy. Paintings on canvas and paper explore the notion that suffering occurs when we are unable to adequately assess the value of what is in front of us. Consequently, these pieces seek to give expression to the unconscious indulgence in fantasies of the people and places of elsewhere.

These works pulsate with instinctive and intuitive mark making propelled by sketching with the absence of sight. Resulting in a body of work that aims to understand life’s unexpected moments. I am interested in painting for joy, I am interested in art for therapy of the soul, I am interested in how we come to stand with each other in our most fundamental humanness.
These paintings tell the story of arms and minds outstretched.

EXHIBITION: Works on paper 10-19th May 2021

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