Kate Vella

Kate Vella is a skilled painter who specializes in capturing the beauty of homegrown flowers, fruit, and vintage crockery. She is based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and has been pursuing her passion for painting full time since 2018. Vella is largely self-taught and primarily works with acrylics, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

Her home and studio are located in a picturesque village with a stunning backdrop of farmland and the South Coast escarpment. Since her debut solo exhibition, ‘Antidote’, in Sydney in 2019, Vella has gone on to participate in numerous shows and collaborations. Her work has also been selected for various art prizes, including the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize 2020, the Kangaroo Valley Art Prize 2020, and the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize 2020. Her artwork has been acquired by private collectors across Australia and internationally.

Vella’s latest collection, entitled “Nostalgia,” represents a deep connection to the still life genre. Her priority and intention are to bring joy and comfort to viewers during these uncertain times. The collection showcases various captured moments throughout the year, portraying subjects that Vella is emotionally drawn to, such as interesting or functional objects, whimsical items, flowers, and fruit.

Vella’s technique involves applying many textured layers and focusing on the correct lighting, with an emphasis on exaggerated shadows. She particularly enjoys depicting the intricate details of seeds in cut fruit, petals, and buds. Her work continues to evolve and unfold, guided by her instinct and fuelled by moments of clarity, doubt, and challenge that ultimately prove more rewarding.


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