Julz Beresford

Julz holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts UNSW Art & Design (COFA). She was a finalist in the Hornsby Art prize 2019, Finalist Northern Beaches Art Show 2019, Finalist Mosman 2088 2019 Finalist Mosman 2088 2020.

Having grown up on a farm as a young child Julz has an insatiable love for the ‘great outdoors’ generating an intense interest in the colors, light and changing seasons within the landscape. Julz chooses to repeatedly revisit her locale often at different times of the day and in all weather, prolifically painting her chosen subject again and again, completely immersing herself in it, striving to gain a deep understanding of that place in time.

“As an Artist, painting is like a process of liquid thought. It’s a means of story-telling, the power to express a particular moment in time in that Landscape. Starting my work Plein Air allows me the ability to be present in the moment so I can deeply interpret the authenticity of the landscape. Questioning what make this pace so unique, later translating its story to the canvas. This recent body of work is a representation of the conversation I’m having with myself and the canvas. The physical painting itself is a process of liquid thought. A story telling where I convey my reflections through expressive mark making with a particular fascination of communicating the authentic light and colour of the place in time. Completely assimilated into the countryside and open to discover the landscape in front of me. Through deep consideration of what I see and feel while immersed in the Australian Landscape I begin my process with drawing and gouache colour paintings, hoping to capture the essence of the place. Seeking to communicate the story of the place at that exact moment in time.

Having spent time in between Hill End and Sofala on a travelling workshop I was curious to return to my studio to convey the distinctive scrappiness of the Australian Bush. With a particular focus on the shards of light which overshadowed the foliage of the landscape. After a recent road trip around Mt Field National Park in Tasmania I became focused on the rock formations that dominated the horizons and swallowed up the unusually dry undergrowth. The rangers had a majestic quality which seemed to convey a story of dominance yet approachable acceptance into the land in which they sat. Again, focusing on the sunlight and colour. By immersing myself in this extraordinary Australian landscape, I aspire to express its essence in my painting. The process of painting is the voice in which I express my love for the Australian Landscape.”

GROUP SHOW: July 2021

  • Julz Beresford
    Coastal Walk, 2021

    58 × 43 cm
  • Julz Beresford
    Quiet Bay on the Hawkesbury, 2021

    64 × 79 cm

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