Julz Beresford

Julz holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts UNSW Art & Design (COFA). She was a finalist in the Hornsby Art prize 2019, Finalist Northern Beaches Art Show 2019, Finalist Mosman 2088 2019 Finalist Mosman 2088 2020.

Having grown up on a farm as a young child Julz has an insatiable love for the ‘great outdoors’ generating an intense interest in the colors, light and changing seasons within the landscape. Julz chooses to repeatedly revisit her locale often at different times of the day and in all weather, prolifically painting her chosen subject again and again, completely immersing herself in it, striving to gain a deep understanding of that place in time.

Her artistic process begins ‘Plein Air’, where she collects gouache color pictures, drawings and photos. Her aim is to capture that moment in time, the sense of isolation, the tranquillity, the deep shadows and dazzling beams of light. She then returnns to her studio to work enthusiastically where she renders thick gestural oil paint. The finished product often taking months to dry.

Her work is an expressive piece of the whole process as well as a manifestation which embodies the feeling of actually being there. In her eyes her works are an impressionistic piece, not realistic but an expression of her process and her love of that landscape. Her current body of work is based on the Hawkesbury River an area she spent as a teenager. Returning now after years abroad. Julz’s insatiable love for the Australian bush, its unique colours and our wide-open skies constantly pulls her outdoors and feeds her innate desire to capture more of the beautiful Australian Landscape.

GROUP SHOW: December 2021

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