Holly Terry

Holly Terry is a self-taught visual Artist based on Kabi Kabi Land, Sunshine Coast. Exploring the depths and layers of the human experience, Holly’s work is resonant of her reflections within her journey to live a meaningful life. Creative since childhood, Holly moved in and out of artistic expressions throughout her teenage years and early adulthood, exploring installation, sculpture, digital and illustration before solidifying a more formal, regular painting practice. Having recently had her debut solo exhibition with Saint Cloche Gallery in 2022, Holly has showcased her work across Sydney and Melbourne at HAKE House of Art (supported by Hunter & Folk) and Fenton & Fenton.

As a self-taught abstract artist, my work is feminine in form and palette, though met with a subtle strength through the use of texture to create depth. An observer of life, my work is a reflection of my journey to live in a meaningful way and the lessons I learn from the human day to day existence.

Most recently, my works are less descriptive in the literal sense, as I move through a period of life where a lot of what I understand about existence lies within energy transmission. As a writer, words are of significant value to me, though I find they can be limiting to the imagination and organic conceptualisation. As my work is a visual representation of my experience on this earth, I’m less interested in narrative and more interested in the felt energy. Rather than sharing a complete story through words, I’d rather the viewers take their own energy from the work, leaving necessary space to develop their own understanding of the works frequency via colour, texture and shape.

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