Evie Adasal

Evie’s current body of work is based on her relationship with landscape and environment. Having formed a special connection with the greenery Evie was surrounded by during her daily walks in the botanical gardens. The gardens are carefully curated and lined with ancient trees, rich foliage and deep greens. These daily visits lead her to rediscover nature in its simplest form and to quiet observation which then translates into painting. Most of Evie’s work begins as a study of composition and abstract shape, as layers are added, the paintings takes on its own story. The paintings inspire us to view through our most humble appreciation of nature. The harmony between the light, the thick foliage, vibrant hues of flowers and vines surrounding the great trees. These reflections from her daily visits, coupled with past memories of being in nature ignites Evie’s inspiration and drives me express to this on canvas.

mini release ‘Objects of Landscape’ – 28 June – 8 July

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