Emma Bahama

In 2022, Emma Bahama exhibited her work for the first time in a solo exhibition, FLEUR SAUVAGE, at The Convent Gallery, followed by a second show, SWIM, during her artist residency in early 2023. In May 2023, Emma was invited to New York for a solo exhibition of her work, FANTÔME AUSTRALIEN, at a small gallery space in Tribeca.

Emma Bahama newest body of work, FANTÔME OCÉAN, is the follow-up exhibition with new, larger scale works on canvas featuring her thick paint application and use of texture as she explores this theme in more depth. Emma is presently based in Daylesford, Victoria, but maintains a strong and frequent connection to the ocean and the inspiration it provides.

The artists work has been featured in many publications, including Vogue Australia, Grazia, and The Age. In 2021, Emma contributed to a public art mural, CASA EL REY MURALS, in Daylesford, Australia. Emma has completed two artist residencies at The Convent Gallery and has been a speaker at Artists Day, representing the gallery for Tourism Australia’s international campaign.

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