Emily Heath

Emily Heath is an emerging artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Fashion Design and when not painting, works part-time as a textile designer. Growing up on the far-south coast of NSW and an early life spent largely in nature continues to have an influence on her work today. Emily’s painting practice focuses on emotions and memories associated with objects, flowers and interiors. It is a practice she uses to make sense of and explore the world around her, and influenced by the work of the Impressionists, to explore her inner emotional world. Emily passionately investigates composition and colour, creating works that are driven by intuition and use expressive, bold brushwork to create a balance between stillness and movement.

“I’m fascinated by the emotional impact that our surroundings have on us and how places and objects store our memories. My personal connection to the subjects of my still life paintings is the foundation from which I begin my work and informs the direction and energy of a piece. I’m always seeking to understand how people relate to one another and how in turn this relationship impacts their lived environments.”

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