Ella Thrupp

Having picked up pen and paper from an early age, Ella has never been without her art. Her life has been so entwined with visual expression, it’s impossible to imagine it without. Inspired by bold choices, individuality and elevated cool, Ella is chasing her audience’s emotional reaction. The pause, the double take, and the take in. Ella is based in Sydney, Australia, and works full time from her home studio.


“For the Horse Hibiscus series, I kept myself limited to the same colour palette, Cad Red, Cad Yellow, Pthalo Blue and Raw Sienna – of course with a little bit of Titanium White, as always. I used a technique of mixing all the colours together in a jar to make that classic “mud” or “mother” colour, then would add a little bit of that mud colour to each colour swatch on the palette. This meant that all the colours contained each other, creating a beautiful harmony on the panel. I loved pairing really beautiful colours together in spots on the panel. I was trying to capture the bare suggested shape of the subject, without having to be too literal in my depiction. These pieces are finished with a deep gloss to give the colours that final oomph.”


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