Ella Holme

Ella Holme is a visual artist based in Perth, WA.

Creating and drawing is innate in Ella, attending her first still life class at the age of 6. Ella won several art awards throughout highschool and after finishing, found work in freelance graphic design, while undertaking fine art studies at Curtin University in Perth.

She is particularly passionate about the serendipitous processes of Alla prima oil painting. Often relying on loose brushwork, discordant colours and cropped compositions she attempts to represent emotion as well as domestic objects like food and vessels.

Currently Ella is committed to her own still life studies, and continues to find inspiration in the items and objects in her domestic midst.

“Like a meal, shower, brushing teeth, I paint. Still life painting offers me a stable and grounding experience in the business of motherhood. Finishing every painting in one sitting, I am capturing that experience, both as an observation of object and light and the narrative held between the object and myself.”

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