Elisabeth Howlett

Elisabeth Howlett is an artist, an oil painter, working from her studio in Adelaide, South Australia. She recently marked 5 years working as a professional artist.

Elisabeth is known for her expressive portraits of flowering Australian flora. Using a traditional hog-hair paintbrush laden with impasto oil, she guides her brush, emphasising the impression left by each brushstroke.

Elisabeth forages wildflowers and formulates them into ‘sculptural style’ arrangements in vases, photographing, drawing, underpainting, and then painting them in oil on canvas or linen. She applies lavish quantities of impasto oil paint to describe her subject.

Trained in law, Elisabeth spent the majority of her legal career on matters impacting the natural environment. Elisabeth is particularly influenced by the forms of native flora, their ancient shapes and crazy leaves.

Her works reflect a painterly, unique style. She translates form, colour, line, pattern and movement onto canvas. Elisabeth emphasises the impression of each brushstroke, leaving an array of texture, movement and light on the canvas. Her intention is to describe the ‘form’ of her chosen subject matter in an expressive, intentional way.

Above all, Elisabeth paints to bring joy to people. The joy that the beauty of the natural world brings, in all its seasons, in all its processes, whether in full bloom, or wilting and ready to fall.

Elisabeth has held 2 solo exhibitions. She enjoys regularly entering group exhibitions and art prizes to make her work known by more people. Her work is sent to galleries and collectors in Adelaide and interstate, particularly to NSW. Elisabeth paints commissioned works for local and interstate collectors.

Elisabeth recently worked as artist in residence in her local council. Elisabeth conducts online art classes for adults, and is enjoying teaching art to semi-professional and beginner artists alike.

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