Courtney Young

Courtney Young grew up on the far south coast of NSW and is now living on Bpangerang Country in Rutherglen, Victoria. Courtney is an emerging artist and farmer who holds a Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne.

With a background in environmental restoration and regenerative agriculture, Courtney is interested in making art that reflects her experience of living and working in the Australian landscape. Through her paintings she seeks to challenge prevailing colonial approaches to understanding and perceiving the landscape.

This series of paintings allude to experiences of the landscape at night that are both familiar and charged with mystique. As a mother of young children, Courtney has shifted her art practice to the early morning where she witnesses the last stars and the first light of dawn. She’s interested in portraying this seemingly alternate universe where she herself, deprived of sleep, feels otherworldly. These scenes are crafted with loose yet distinctive mark making revealing layers of unexpected colours.

SPECIAL RELEASE: Sleep Through the Night (October)

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