Bernard Greaves

Bernard Greaves is an Australian artist living and working in Sydney.

Bernard comes to his painting from a design background having completed a Bachelor of Design in Architecture. After working in the design industry for a number of years working on a range of project exhibitions and competitions, he chose to focus on developing his more personal body of work. He is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School where he is currently in his second year of study. Bernard currently works from his north shore studio.

Bernard’s thickly applied oil paintings depicting portraiture are a result of his experimentations with colour, form and memory. Bernard investigates the complex range of human emotion by manipulating faces into peculiar subjects with ambiguous features. Segmented strokes, color choices, and arrangement of paint converge to make the painting into a complete and balanced whole. His use of palette knives allows for large amounts of paint to accumulate on the canvas, revealing the artist’s subjects through fluid hand gestures and controlled placement of the thick medium.

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