Barb Henderson

Based in Croydon, artist Barb Henderson has created for over forty years producing works in a variety of mediums and styles. Drawings, embroidered silk paintings, decorated eggs, clay work and painting have been exhibited in a number of galleries.

She sees her work now as a form of meditation. In her observational drawing and painting she is intent on creating with a mind freed of preconceptions. Her abstract work is similar, but the focus this time is on the work itself as she tries to resolve the issues of form, line and colour that arise. The process is often laborious and excruciating, a form of alchemy that requires attention to be paid to every little detail. This is how she strives to make magic out of this, that and the other.

“I am interested in the creative process. By observing myself and what steps I go through when I produce an art work I am trying to understand the journey and the paths and pit falls one can experience along the way.

I try to be conscious of the process of enjoyment and playfulness, where I am unafraid of losing something which I like in the work but needs to be sacrificed for the sake of the whole. This is being able to let go, to have the courage to be bold and adventurous, throwing caution to the wind and free falling to see what will emerge. There is an excitement about this process.

One could say a relationship develops between myself and the work. When I stand back and look at what I’ve created often there are forms that emerge that tell me a story. I also like it when, later, people react joyfully and find different stories to the one I have found.”

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