Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen was born in Melbourne and now lives and paints in Thirroul on the NSW South Coast, with her partner and 4 children. Her art practice arrived by way of a circuitous route, though she had never really let go of that pencil from the time she made the very first mark. She was recently awarded the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize 2020, and was also the recipient of the Basil Sellers Art Award in 2018. She has been a finalist in other well-regarded prizes such as the Dobell Drawing Prize 2021, Kilgour Art Prize 2020 (Highly Commended), the Rick Amor Self-Portrait Prize (2019) and the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (2019 and 2017).

plural noun: glimpses
a momentary or partial view.
“”she caught a glimpse of the ocean””;

see or perceive briefly or partially.
“”he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade””

(Definitions from Oxford Languages)

“‘Glimpses‘ marks my reacquaintance with the medium of oil paint, after many years of exclusively using acrylic paint and other water-based and drawing media. The paint quality, how it behaves, its personality and expressive qualities…reveals itself progressively to me, through glimpses.”

Exhibition: ‘Glimpses’ February 2021


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