Angela Chauvin

Angela Chauvin is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Victoria. She is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she recieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts as well as completeing her Honours degree from the Victorian Collage of Arts, Melbourne University. In 2019 and again in 2023, Angela exhibited Solo Shows at Stockroom Kyneton, Victoria. 

“Within her familiar-but-strange still life paintings, Angela Chauvin is converging direct observation with visions from her own imagination to propose a new kind of dissonant realism. One that is psychologically charged with symbolism and motifs, colour, shadows and light and the wavering of painterly resolution. Dissonance comes from the artist’s dissection and presentation of variety of realisms, mashed together with precision, each mode operating in a way that offsets or undermines the others.

From the photo-realistic to the surrealistic, the magical to the scientific,… these works are located in the shifting spaces in-between these types of realisms.”

Kate Stewart

Peer Artist and Arts Writer

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