Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson is an emerging artist and recovering architect. Andrea began painting in 2017 and won the first art prize that she entered in December that year (the Waverley 9 x 5 Landscape Impressionism Prize). The beckoning in that moment was so intense that she packed up my life in architecture and has spent the years since immersed in paint, colour, light, shapes, shadows and reflections. Especially reflections. During that time she has been a finalist in many art prizes including the Salon des Refuses and Adelaide Perry drawing prize in in 2020, and has won prizes in the Waverley art prize, the Artest ‘Woof’ prize (with a portrait of her dog ‘Steve’) the M16 drawing prize, and, a highly commended in the Ravenswood Art prize earlier this year. Andrea has participated in multiple group exhibitions and Arts Trails. This is her first major exhibition.

“I’m sure Still life has been a significant part in the life of most artists over the last 20 months. It has been a time like no other for gazing closely at the things around you. Cutlery and other shiny things interest me for the endless manifestations of architecture, space and and light contained in the reflections of each piece. My cutlery set was a wedding gift from my father and my paintings are also about friends and family. I think of these Still Lifes as gatherings. The pieces are not people, but they all have meanings and associations. Each painting has an invisible story about people and the way we spend time together”.

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