Alix Hunter

Alix Hunter is an Australian painter based in Melbourne. Her work is primarily still life and observational.

Hunter paints slow, considered observations of the everyday. She is especially moved by light, form and shape. Her work celebrates space and simplicity. She plays with objects, their relationships to each other and the spaces between them. Hunter is drawn by texture, colour and tone. She has a great love for the Australian bush and her work often incorporates organic form from the Merri Creek near her inner city studio.

Working from observation, Hunter pushes and pulls her mark making to create harmonious and formal compositions . Colour combinations and loose paint work provide a signification that Hunter is concentrating not only on her subject matter but the history of modernist art itself. Each painting is a chance to incorporate new ways of interpretation whilst holding fast to the traditions of Australian painters Clarice Beckett, Dorrit Black and Margaret Preston.

Still life has become a means to focus and develop fluency in painting. In the act of describing form, Hunter is able to concentrate on the strength of chroma, tonality, texture and composition, resulting in images that evoke sensitive contemplation.

Hunter paints what is found but her interest is in exploring and analysing the process of painting itself.


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